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About Swisher Lake Dallas Cemetery, Lake Dallas

The land where Swisher Cemetery is located was owned by H. H. Swisher. Mr. Swisher was given the land known as the Swisher survey in Denton County for his part in the War with Mexico when Texas won its independence. 

When H. H. Swisher died, Capitan A. P. Swisher, his son, inherited the land. A. P. received his title of Captain during the Civil War. Swisher donated this land to be used as a burial place for the area occupied by the families in the French Settlement. This piece of land is located on the East Side of the current Swisher Cemetery. 

When Captain Swisher’s wife, VIrginia, died in 1899, he buried her on the land and it is the area now known as the Swisher lot. He planted two cedar trees to the Northwest and the Southeast corners. The trees are still located on this lot. The Swisher lot has grown to the North. H. H. Swisher, another son of A. P., buried two children to the North of the trees. 

For many years, the community of Lake Dallas maintained the cemetery. Men in the area would volunteer to do the maintenance that was needed and took great pride in doing their part for out community cemetery. These same men also dug by hand the graves for all burials taking place. Many of these meant are not buried in Swisher Cemetery, and we continue to remember them and their hard work which is such an important part of our heritage.