Oakwood Cemetery, Denton

About Oakwood Cemetery, Denton

This cemetery was established soon after Denton was settled as the new seat of government for Denton County in 1857. Land for the community burial ground was donated by pioneer settler Hiram Cisco, who had earlier conveyed property for the townsite. The earliest grave is that of a Mrs. Wilson, who died during childbirth while traveling through the area in a covered wagon. Her newborn infant daughter died several days later and was also buried here.

Other interments at this site include those of Jesse M. Blount, who helped plat the town of Denton and later served as county treasurer, county judge and state senator; Col. Thomas Gynn Cosbey Davis, a cousin of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and a friend of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln; and many prominent early leaders of the town and county. Two interesting graves are those of Andrew and George Brown. On a change of venue from Montague county in 1879, they were convicted of murder and hanged in Denton. Their tombstones bear the inscription “Executed.” Officially named Oakwood Cemetery in 1931, this burial ground now serves as a historic reminder of the pioneers who first settled here and who led in the development of the area. 


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