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About Laurel Oaks Funeral Home and Memorial Park, Balch Springs

According to a record in the Bennett family Bible, the earliest known burial here was that of Terniece C. Bennett, a grandchild of Hiram Bennett and daughter of William Hardy and Sydney Bennett who died at birth in 1847. Two of the earliest legibly marked graves are those of Sarah S. Futrell and Arcadia M. Futrell who both passed away in 1878.

On July 22, 1888, the day after his death, the Dallas Morning News published the following on its front page, “Mr. Hiram Bennett, the oldest man in this county, died this afternoon, about 1:30 o’clock, aged 93 years. He was surrounded by his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even little ones of the fourth generation. To the day of his illness, his mind was clear and bright. He was universally admired, having been a moral and good man and a lifetime member of the Primitive Baptist Church.”

In the years that ensued, many descendants, relatives, and friends of the Bennetts followed, among them Citizens of the Republic (as already mentioned), Civil War veterans, and Woodmen of the World. In addition, there are a number of primitive markers that are no longer legible and a few hand carved stones. All of the above constitute the unique and rich historical significance that sets Bennett Family Gardens apart.

The legacy of the Bennett Family was extended with the purchase of the land by Laurel Land Corporation in 1905 and, then, the Hugh Bearden family in 1958. Under the steady leadership of the Bearden family, now in its second generation of ownership, the original cemetery continues to expand as Laurel Oaks Memorial Park, a perpetual care cemetery in a beautiful park setting, and, now, includes Laurel Oaks Funeral Home, a beautiful facility which serves families in Mesquite and throughout Dallas and neighboring counties.