Laurel Land Memorial Park, Fort Worth

About Laurel Land Memorial Park, Fort Worth

Laurel Land Memorial Park opened in the early 1920s. The memorial park was originally named Park Lawn Cemetery. With nearly 100 developed acres and 50 undeveloped acres, the cemetery has plenty of space to accommodate families for years to come. Today, there are more than 35,000 people are buried at Laurel Land Memorial Park.

With mature trees, sweeping green lawns and thoughtful statues throughout, Laurel Land Memorial Park features well-maintained grounds that create a serene spot to remember and reflect. Much of the marble used for the statues was sourced from the same Italian quarry that Michelangelo used for his masterful works.

Among the picturesque lawns and 45 gardens are 2 areas honoring veterans, 2 masonic gardens and several areas for upright markers. There are many choices for memorialization, including traditional ground burial, indoor or outdoor mausoleum entombment, a cremation garden and prestigious family estates.


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