Greenwood Memorial Park, Fort Worth

About Greenwood Memorial Park, Fort Worth

Greenwood Memorial Park at 3100 White Settlement Road in Fort Worth, Texas, has been a perpetual care commercial cemetery since its dedication in 1909. The Mount Olivet Corporation, a non-profit organization headed by the Bailey family of Fort Worth, administers the cemetery.

The entrance has replicas of statues of the Four Horses from St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. The cathedral made new bronze copies for its balcony after the originals were moved to its museum, and the Greenwood acquired similar copies to guard its entrance.

The Greenwood Mausoleum opened in 1961, occasioning an award of honor from the Texas Society of Architects. The Mausoleum’s Independence Chapel holds life-size statues of the United States’ founding patriots and a 12-foot mosaic of the Great Seal of the United States. The Mausoleum will eventually provide space for 70,000 persons; it is designed to be built incrementally over years.


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