Granite Cremation Memorial Ideas

At Worthington, we specialize in memorializing lost loved ones, no matter what the families’ chosen cemetery location is. Our line of cremation memorials is all custom designed to be very versatile and can be fit to adorn any section of the cemetery or garden tribute area. 

As we take a look at some of the featured designs below, you will notice a common theme in that each of these memorials is very “thick”. They are so thick because each of our cremation memorial designs is built to physically hold the remains of your loved one.

Sealed in stone and bronze your loved one will be able to rest. These monuments shown are just examples of what we can do design-wise, almost every aspect of each can be incorporated into another memorial combination. 

Bench Style Cremation memorials

Bench Style Cremation Memorials are a larger monument style that combines the wider cremation pillars with the center mast of the “Bench Seat”. Each of the cremation pillars has the ability to hold 1-2 urns or cremation remains. 

In the cremation bench shown here, you can see the 2 support pillars on either side are wide enough to house the remains of 4 individuals and would make a wonderful centerpiece for a family estate plot. The bench seat portion or the piece stretching between the 2 pillars can be engraved with the family’s surname. This bench has an added feature of the Bronze Statue that rests upon the right pillar. We can cast just about any statue from our bronze forge and would be happy to help you make your bench cremation memorial one of a kind.

  • Cremation Bench With Statue

Pillar Style Cremation Memorial

This pillar style cremation memorial is a unique tribute that will stand the test of time. The names and dates of all family members wrap around the side faces of the pillar. The engraved scene of the families pond also wraps the side vertical walls. 

From the top, the Pillar has a 7″ hole drilled from it. This hole is meant to house the remains of all those entombed. This Cremation Pillar has the special addition of a small bronze plaque cast precisely to cover the top of the pillar. The pillar itself sits atop a rough cut, rock-pitched, base of the same granite color. 

  • Cremation Post with Plaque

Boulder Style Cremation Memorials

  • Boulder Cremation Memorial

One of our best Natural Cut Memorial Styles, this boulder style cremation memorial is cut with the traditional hammer and chisel to offer the rough-cut feel. For as many as 4 individuals, these unique memorials can help you honor the whole of your family’s estate. 

Perfect for natural burial or a non-cemetery memorial plot, this boulder cremation memorial shown allows for 2 positions for cremation urns and final remains. Each memorial hold is covered by a black granite lid that is engraved with the memorialized’s names and important sayings. 

While a very “simple and minimalist” design, boulder cremation memorials make for a lovely and but subtle memorial for any landscape.

Cremation Memorial Prices

Cremation Memorials are in a higher tier of monuments that make them slightly more expensive than standard upright memorials and traditional bench memorials. In North Texas, you can expect to pay between $2500 to $5000+ depending on the size and type of granite material used. 

The Larger the granite piece the more expensive you can assume the monument will be. As another note, the more engraving or bronze additions you would like to add the more the monument will cost. All of our engravings are guaranteed to last for our industry 7+ generations. 

  • Cremation Bench With Statue
  • Cremation Post with Plaque
  • Boulder Cremation Memorial
  • Carved Cremation Pillar
  • Statue within a Cremation Pillar - Cremation Memorial Ideas
  • Ritter Cremation Monument

Choosing the right granite color

The granite color you choose to engrave on truly tells the other half of the story. We have a multitude of color options from all over the world. Those colors do include many quarried from right here in the United States.

Through out this article we have touched on one common theme with each design and that is: Contrast. Where one of the lighter granites may be more cost effective, the darker granite colors such as Import Black, Galaxy, Fuji Blue, and Blue Pearl offer the most contrast. Thus, years from now when the memorial is visited the engraving will still stand out very prominently. 

All of the colors are available and ready to be built into your loved one’s unique monument. Reach out today and have our friendly memorial design staff get you started. Each of these colors can be used in crafting the perfect cremation memorial for your loved one. 

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