Granite Monuments:

Long-Lasting containers to keep your loved one's ashes Safe

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What Monuments Can House Cremation Ashes?

  • Cremation Bench With Statue

Hidden Headstone Additions

  • Cremation Post with Plaque

Cremation Monument Prices

Cremation Memorials are in a higher tier of monuments that make them slightly more expensive than standard upright memorials and traditional bench memorials. In North Texas, you can expect to pay between $2500 to $5000+ depending on the size and type of granite material used. 

The Larger the granite piece the more expensive you can assume the monument will be. As another note, the more engraving or bronze additions you would like to add the more the monument will cost. All of our engravings are guaranteed to last for our industry 7+ generations. 

  • Cremation Bench With Statue
  • Cremation Post with Plaque
  • Boulder Cremation Memorial
  • Carved Cremation Pillar
  • Statue within a Cremation Pillar - Cremation Memorial Ideas
  • Ritter Cremation Monument

Choosing the right granite color

The granite color you choose to engrave on truly tells the other half of the story. We have a multitude of color options from all over the world. Those colors do include many quarried from right here in the United States.

Through out this article we have touched on one common theme with each design and that is: Contrast. Where one of the lighter granites may be more cost effective, the darker granite colors such as Import Black, Galaxy, Fuji Blue, and Blue Pearl offer the most contrast. Thus, years from now when the memorial is visited the engraving will still stand out very prominently. 

All of the colors are available and ready to be built into your loved one’s unique monument. Reach out today and have our friendly memorial design staff get you started. Each of these colors can be used in crafting the perfect cremation memorial for your loved one. 

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