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Designing a Bronze Memorial For Two People

Welcome to the Worthington Monuments Memorial Design Series. In today’s article, we will be focusing on designing bronze memorials for two people. The companion bronze grave markers, as they are otherwise known, are built to host the names, dates, and family traditions of two or more individuals. When it comes to designing them, we will look at each of the following aspects:

  • Basic companion bronze marker design
  • Bronze Memorials for two people
  • Unifying Symbols, emblems, and Sayings
  • Bronze Borders and styling
  • Finding an expert to build your companion bronze monument in North Texas

Our friendly and local North Texas based staff is here to help you through any portion of the bronze memorial design process. If you have any questions, or need any help with crafting your loved one’s Monument we are simply a call away.

Basic Companion Bronze Marker Design

The companion grave marker has been around since the dawn of time, or at least since two individuals made good on the promise of “’til death do we part”. The famous line present in the Christian marriage ceremony, leads many lovers to be buried and memorialized alongside one another. Having adjacent memorial plots opens the door for a fantastic tribute to be crafted in their joint memorial. The typical name, date of births, and dates of passing are almost always present, but with creating a larger bronze memorial, we can also customize the space to tell all three stories; each individual story as well as their story together.

The most minimalist companion bronze memorial will likely host a shared surname across the top center in raised and polished letters. The first and sometimes middle names will likely be present below on either side with their respective dates. The letters can be presented in a wide variety of fonts. Each font creates a specific sort of tone for the writing and the bronze memorial, so finding the right one for your loved ones story is key.

Campbell Companion Bronze Gravestone
Bowers Floral Bronze Monument
Together Forever Bronze Headstone

Customizing a Bronze Memorial for Two People's Unique Story

After we have customized the names and dates to your liking, we move to the surrounding design of the bronze memorial. Being that we are crafting this particular design for 2 people, and therefore, 2 memorial plots, we will likely start with a “companion marker size” of 36″ x 12″. To make a bronze memorial even more unique you may want to request an even larger bronze memorial, but the 36 x 12 is standard for companions.

The bronze portion immediately surrounding the names and dates will be a blackened or hammered bronze color to present each letter in high contrast. To increase uniqueness, you could add the names to a raised scroll design or incorporate them into a nature scene of your choosing. The space shown behind the names can truly be designed into whatever best tells the companion’s story. Did the couple love a particular sport or region of the country to visit? Were they avid members of a particular religion or other organization? Both questions can spark the conversation between you and our memorial designers to get every detail down.

Unifying Symbols, Emblems, and Sayings

As mentioned, the space above the shared surname is most commonly used to tell the story of the couple. Many unifying symbols can be used to signify the love and devotion they shared for one another. Linked wedding rings, as well as two doves flying together are two excellent examples of representations of the couple’s love and companionship through this life into the next.

For emblems, we know that each of the individual’s hobbies or communities likely became a larger portion of what made them, well, them. So, we offer a host of emblems that can be raised and polished alongside each name. Just about any college, community organization, and all major religious emblems are available to be added to your companion bronze memorial.

Campbell Companion Bronze Gravestone

Bronze Memorial Borders and Other Styling

The Border is the final portion that can be customized within the Bronze Memorial Design. A full or even partial border can be adapted into almost any shape that best fits the story we are trying to tell. If the pair of them loved to garden together, then maybe a specific vine or flower is most suitable. If they shared a love for woodworking, then we can adapt the border to have the exact natural wood grain of a piece they created together. In Fact, we have over 30 standard bronze borders to choose from but are always willing to craft something more custom to meet your loved one’s needs.

Finding a Quality Bronze Memorial Maker in North Texas

The process for designing a companion bronze memorial depicted above takes time, effort, and a level of expertise known only to the Worthington Monument company in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area. We are your go-to choice when it comes time to memorialize your loved ones in stunning American forged bronze.

Tell their story proudly, tell their story in beautiful bronze.

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