A flat grass marker is a common base for any bronze marker which is used to memorialize your loved one in the cemetery. Choosing the right granite color to accent your bronze memorial can best tell their story is absolutely key. Matching that story with one of our colors that also accents the polished bronze memorial is where the monument really becomes special. The granite we source for all of our memorials comes from ethically managed and vetted quarries from all over the world. 

In the past we have commonly matched the polished bronze color to a lighter color granite like our white, grey, or pink. The lighter the granite the higher the contrast. Each bronze marker will have a 2″ margin of granite all the way around. So, the granite you choose to mount your bronze marker on will act as the outside border of the overall memorial design. 

Our Bronze Memorial Granite Recommendations

As mentioned, gray, white, pink, or any of the lighter colors of granite we have pictured compliment our bronze very well. Now, if your loved one would have preferred a different color, we can mount their bronze on any of the more exotic colors. Our Blue Pearl, Fuji Blue, and Bahama Blue Granites will all make beautifully unique additions to the polished bronze mount. 

No matter the granite color you end up going with for your loved one’s memorial, the best bronze memorial designs are built right here in North Texas with our local staff guiding you through the process. At Worthington Monuments, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality memorials in all of Texas. Our lost loved ones deserve to be remembered and deserve their memorials to stand the test of time. Have us start designing a memorial for your loved one today. 

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